How is Perks4Care better than me simply giving out cash or gift cards to my caregivers?

Studies have found that gift cards have a longer lasting and more positive effect than cash prizes because they are more often used to purchase something considered a luxury, rather than to pay a bill or meet other daily needs. A points program puts the caregiver in control, gives them something to build upon, and keeps them engaged with an app that records their success with your company. Perks4Care eliminates the hassles of managing your own rewards program and gives caregivers a meaningful benefit that is both fun and rewarding.

Why are badges important?

Digital badges are a wonderful way to show caregivers appreciation and reward them for certain behaviors, like taking a shift at the last minute... or going the extra mile for a client. There are lots of badge options and you control which badges make sense for your company and how you want to award them. We all like a little recognition and badges provide a memorable way to make someone feel special because they never go away and are always available within the app for the caregiver to review. It’s a great way to forever remind them of their much appreciated and important work.

What is the cost per point?

All companies start out paying the same cost per point--$.003, or 3/10 of a cent per point. Also collected with each point is $.01 for deposit in the caregiver’s points bank. The total cost for both the caregiver reward and the Perks4Care fee is $.013, or 1.3 cents. This fee is collected for any points awarded through the pay data import process. Points awarded with a badge are $.001 cents (1/10 of a cent), or .1 cents, plus the $.01 (one cent) per point for the caregiver award.

How do raffles work?

As points are earned by a caregiver across all participating Perks4Care companies, raffle tickets are awarded for a chance to win big! Raffle tickets earned in the current month are used for all raffle prize drawings in the subsequent month. Perks4Care covers the costs of all prizes awarded to raffle winners.

Why is it important to have a caregiver centric rewards program?

Caregivers want one program, not one for each company they may work for. Imagine if all your frequent flyer points went into one points bank, instead of 10 banks for 10 airlines. Wouldn’t that be nice? We believe that together we can build a rewards program that will put caregivers first, build a sense of community, bring some fun into the caregiver’s day, and entice workers from other industries to join our ranks. We can do all of this – TOGETHER.

How and when are the points paid for?

When points are awarded to the caregiver, transactions are recorded in your company’s Perks4Care portal. Within the portal, you will review all points for accuracy then approve and pay for the points via a securely stored credit card. Upon payment, the points are deposited into the caregivers’ points banks and can be seen on the caregivers’ app.

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